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300GB Sas Hp Dp 15000RPM 3. 5IN 416127B21

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300GB Sas Dp 15000RPM 3 5IN 416127B21

Barcode number 102646104675. Just one of the major characteristics for this SAS drive is the hp 300gb 15k dual port 3. 5" sas drive - 416127-b21. The SAS drive weighs just about 3 lbs. Quite a few suppliers that produce SAS drives, with these famous brands providing diverse selling prices. Whilst you're buying a drive, look for a guarantee. Bear in mind extended warranties is obtainable, however they occur at a price and are mostly not needed. A little bit of investigation will go quite a distance and having this one can with certainty pick the things which you'd like. When using the world wide web just a few clicks of the mouse away it is simple to make as little or as much basic research on the products you want to get. It is extremely simple some thing well-worth the time and energy. 300gb sas dp 15000rpm. For the best bargain for this product along with other SAS drives, check out the button below.


Model: 416127-B21
UPS: 102646104675

300GB SAS HP DP 15000RPM 3. 5IN 416127B21. Product may possibly differ from image shown.


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