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Hp 516814-B21 Hp 300GB 15000RPM 6G Sas 3. 5 Serial Attached Scsi Dp Enterprise (516814B21)

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516814B21 300GB 15000RPM 6G Sas 3 5

The 516814-B21 300GB 15000RPM brought to you by Hp a great SAS drive. 516814-B21 300GB 15000RPM is undoubtedly a type of top quality SAS drive you can get over the internet. In case you are wishing to purchase this internal SAS HDD, you have come to the ideal place. This site offers you unique discounts for this great internal SAS drive with secure transaction. A list of feature attributes are covered by comprehensive warranty and ships fast. Bar Code# 102646292488. Shopping for 516814-B21 300GB 15000RPM.


MPN: 516814-B21
UPS: 102646292488


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