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73GB Sas Fujitsu 15000RPM 16MB 2. 5IN MBC2073RC

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73GB Sas 15000RPM 16MB 2 5IN MBC2073RC

The 73GB Sas 15000RPM is an example of top quality drive you'll find over the internet. If you are thinking of buying a 15k SAS drive, you have come to the ideal place. Our company offers you unique deals for this great item with protected purchase. I really loved that the product had the feature of ***comes w/ 3 year yobitech warranty***warranty applies only for yobitech purchases. Cheapest price on the 73gb sas fujitsu 15000rpm 16mb 2. 5in mbc2073rc. Should you need a great deal for this internal SAS HDD, check out the market add to shopping cart button on this site.




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