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Seagate Cheetah 15K. 5 300GB 15000 Rpm ULTRA320 Scsi 80-PIN Lc 16MB Cache 3. 5 Inch Internal Bare Drive ST3300655LC

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Cheetah 15K 5 300GB 15000 Rpm ULTRA320

The very best solution for a SCSI hard drive? Consider the Cheetah 15K. 5 300GB 15000 Rpm ULTRA320 a great SCSI Ultra320 drive made by Seagate! Among the many attributes for this hdd is the 30 percent more iops and more than 20 percent faster response times than 3. 5-inch 10k drives. The SCSI Ultra320 drive is 1" Height x 4" Length x 5.75" Width. It has a weight of 1.5 lbs. Bar Code# 836367003404. Best price Cheetah 15K. 5 300GB 15000 Rpm ULTRA320. I would like you to get the best price and service when acquiring a SCSI hdd for your systems!


Model: ST3300655LC
UPS: 836367003404
Package Quantity: 1

Cheetah 15K. 5 Mainstream enterprise difficult drive storage. Seagate Cheetah 15K drives offer the high performance, increased capacity and optimized power consumption needed by enterprises to meet demanding Tier 1 enterprise requirements.


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