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Hp LU968AT 450 Gb Internal Hard Drive - 6GB/S Sas - 15000 Rpm

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LU968AT 450 Gb Internal Hard Drive

LU968AT 450 Gb Internal Hard Drive by Hp adds on power and also style for your laptop or desktop. The hard drive is 4" Height x 9" Length x 7" Width. It weighs close to 2.35 lbs. When you're choosing a drive, look for an extended warranty. It needs to contain a typical warranty, whether it is 1 month or perhaps an full 12 months. Remember that extended warranties can be purchased, but they occur at a cost and they are quite often excessive. Utilizing the world-wide-web just a couple of mouse clicks away you can make as little or as much investigation on the items you are looking to get. We want you to get the best price when you buy a hard drive for your business system.


Model: LU968AT
UPS: 886111677191
Package Quantity: 1


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