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X150K Dell Hard Drives SAS-6GBITS 300GB-15000RPM

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X150K Dell Hard Drives SAS6GBITS 300GB15000RPM

Adding the X150K Dell Hard Drives SAS6GBITS 300GB15000RPM brought to you by Dell Computers mod could make your business system appear newer. Among the features is the original dell - 300gb 15k 3. 5" sas drive - mfg# x150k. Shop for the x150k dell hard drives. I want you to get the best price and service when acquiring an internal SAS HDD. Please click on our store button on this site.

Dell Computers

Package Quantity: 1

Dell MFg - # X150K 300GB 15000 RPM 3. Kit comes with 3 year Yobitech exchange warranty. (these are 3. 5 inch drives) Please check compatibility below: Kit contains one 300GB 15K SAS hard drive with a single Dell SAS tray entirely compatible with Dell Power Edge T310, R410, T410, R510, R610, T610, R710, T710, NX3000 Servers. 5"SAS hot-plug tough drive.


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